Galle Fort Walk

Join a local resident whose family has lived and worked in Galle for generations, on a guided walk through Galle history. The Portuguese arrived on the island nation of Sri Lanka back in 1505. Galle Fort was first built in 1588 by the Portuguese and further fortified by the Dutch in the years after. It prevented attacks from colonial competitors both from the sea as the land. Along the walls, you would find battlements for defense in case of an invasion.

Galle was handed over to the British in 1796 and they made a number of changes to the city, the most recognizable of which is the tower that you can see from various points in town.

Under Dutch rule, about 500 families lived here and you could find public buildings, administration centers, military facilities, warehouses and churches within the walls.

The fort as you can see it today features well-preserved colonial architecture (of course heavily influenced by the Portuguese and the Dutch who built the town in the style of their homeland) and cobblestone streets in a grid-layout and has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Places to be visit

  • The Dutch Reformed Church which was built in 1640 with its historic belfry built in 1707.
  • The bell Tower
  • The 17th century New Orient Hotel which was once the exclusive use of the Dutch Governor and his staff before it was converted to a hotel in 1865.
  • The Residence of the Commander.
  • The National Maritime Museum which was once the Great Warehouse built in the 17th century by the Dutch to store spices and ship equipment.
  • The Old Dutch Hospital.
  • Meera Mosque built in 1904.
  • The Buddhist temple
  • The Buddhist templeThe Clock Tower built in 1882 and the Galle Lighthouse mentioned above.
  • Some of the streets still retain the original Colonial Era names; such as the Moorish Pedlar Street or Leyn Baan Street or ‘Leyenbahnstraat’, Old Rope-Walk Street where coir rope was created.

The program includes

  1. English speaking local host to guide
  2. Beverages- Bottle of water

US $30 per person